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    I don’t know when i’ll find my little pint of happiness. I just want to be hAppy. Nothing else. My life has been drowned in melancholia. I have been through so much. When i’m back here all the bAd memories and feelings come back. When i’m there, they go away but i am swarmed by a new kind of sAdness. Inexplicable sadness. It may hve rAtional reasons- money problems, a diminished social circle, family issues and the issue with myself. Maybe,it comes from deep within. I don’t know. Of course i miss people but i dont fhink thT would alter my emptional state thT much. God, you Are an all loving God. I know i’m not clinicaLly or dangerously depressed but i came here to be happy and content. I await your action

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    1. Hmmm
      July 3, 2014 at 9:38 am

      Sorry to hear dear author. I, too have had to live with bouts of depression most of my life. This last time was due to a horrible heart break. I am barely coming out of it and struggling to move on.

      Have you tried asking yourself why you are unhappy?
      Is there a name for your unhappiness?
      Sometimes loss can have a negative effect on us.

      Are you surrounded by people who are too small for you? You career? Are feeling fulfilled professional wise? Did something happen in your past that hurt you badly and perhaps you didn’t heal properly?
      Are you lonely?
      When you figure out what is causing your unhappiness you are better equipped to deal with it and be able to be content with your life.

      The thing with pain is that it demands to be felt.

      Is your sadness perhaps a secondary emotion?
      Depression is anger turned inward.

      And lastly, some people are more sensitive than others. Perhaps trying to channel your sadness on an artistic way would help you somehow.

      I am writing all of these because as I said I have dealt with horrible sadness all my life.

      I hope you feel better, author.

      God Speed.

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