• Childhood Dream

    by  • July 3, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Family Stuff • 0 Comments

    I had a weird dream last night. I was little again at my old house. I dreamed that the world was ending.

    I dreamed that my mom was far away, and I was trying to find her, but it was difficult. She was enjoying herself with friends, even with other men…and it broke my heart. I felt alone. I was back at home with my dad and things between us were weird. It was one of those times where he ignored me and treated my siblings nicer than he did me. When he gave them special treats and pretended I was invisible.

    It was dark and we were outside on the side of the house, right next to our old wooden ladder, the baby orange tree growing across the yard. There were so many stars out that night, and some of them were patterned like in a painting – bright in the center and orange on the outside. Then I looked up in another direction and saw a few small stars circling an empty space and I thought it was neat. Then I looked up towards the center of the sky and saw the same thing, except it was bigger, and there were 5 in a row, with new ones forming all over. There was just this dark, dark feeling, I just felt dread all over. I was so scared and alone in this tiny world. The only thing I cared about was my mother, and where had she been all this time for me? I wish she cared about me more, and wanted me to be there with her.

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