• I find this quite unfair.

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    I’m so annoyed with you. You have these mad trust issue’s because you have shitty choices in women. I know I’m not perfect. But, shit. I put more into this than you ever have. Oh, except for in the beginning. You made me feel incredibly important. Like, ‘hey, I want you. And I have to have you. Nobody else.’ You know how nice that made me feel? And I felt like it would never stop. You made me feel like you were different. And you would try that hard for as long as you decided we should be together. And I know you don’t give two fucks. But it’s really exhausting trying so hard and being so good to someone who could care less? The only thing you fucking care about is who I’m with and what I’m doing. You’re controlling as fuck and you’ll never admit it. You’re always accusing me of lying and fucking everything that walks. I’m sorry you’re ex fucked you over. And I’ve been more than patient with the trust issues. But we’ve been together so long. Why do you still feel this way? I’ve never done you dirty. You just want no one lie to have me but you barely want me yourself. You brighten up my day when I see you and I don’t fucking know why. You treat me like such shit. I don’t know why I care about you so much. You’re always in such a bad mood. We used to talk so much. No stop. That’s all we did. And now you just don’t have anything to say to me. You say I’m wife material and you’d like to be with me for a long time. But how much longer can I be like this? And I know really what’s right. I shouldn’t drag this on any longer than it has been if I know this won’t work. What’s the point? I don’t wanna waste your time. But I can’t let you go. I’m so comfortable and so attached to you. And ever since you came in and isolated me from all my friends. Because you ‘don’t like them’. I have no one. I wouldn’t know what to do. And it sounds so pathetic, I know. But I just care about you. And would do anything for you. And you don’t even care.. at least not in the way I want you too. I just don’t get it. And it’s so unfair. And if I told you this you’d just tell me I’m too emotional and need to relax. You never want to talk and this is all so double standard. I wish things were as wonderful as when we first met.

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