• friends? really?

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    Hmm friends, is that what I’d call us these days?
    I don’t think so, you don’t treat friends the way you treat me, so I give up trying to be ur friend, trying to be there for you when all you do is choose when I am good enough to be your friend.

    I’m irrelevant when a certain person is in your life and I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t bother me because it bloody does so here’s to the friendship we once had here’s to the love I still hold for you which I wish I didn’t. Fuck it all because I’m not someone who you can just bother with when u need entertaining, I’m a person too I have feelings incase you forgot. I was always the one that was there for you but you just pushed me away, ignoring me and then picking me up like a toy on the shelf when u felt like it and that is not how friendship works sweetheart.

    I used to say you had a heart of gold but now I guess it’s just a hard stone where your heart used to lie.

    I used to think you cared about me but now as the days go on and you treat me like I’m nothing more than someone you know and not like a bestfriend really should, I’m starting to realize I mean fuck all to u, unless you need me.

    So this is me saying that from now on I won’t be there to listen to all your troubles give you advice and be there for you.
    This is all your doing so remember when u need someone to cry to or need me I won’t be there because there is only so much one person can take bestfriend on not I have reached my limit. You have really hurt me many of times.
    I can’t take this anymore.
    Unless you start treating me better and not just like I’m nothing to you then I don’t want this friendship I will Carry on my life and you can carry on with yours.
    I’m sorry.

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    1. friend or foe
      July 2, 2014 at 10:39 am

      This is sad…..it’s horrible when a friend treats you like that,
      I for one know first hand how that feels.
      Chin up sweetie hope you’re friend sees the way you feel and you can work things out.
      Maybe you could talk to them and tell them how you feel maybe that would do the trick make them see what they are doing wrong.

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