• I’m cheating, but don’t worry… I think

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    Dear t

    I know you think we have this perfect relationship but I actually cheated on you.., with my ex boyfriend p. Although we went out in high school over 5 years ago, I still love him and will always always love him. I can’t help it. He has a spot in my heart that you or anyone else will never be able to fill and sometimes that empty spot in me aches. Me and p have kissed by “accident” once each summer. I pretend to be really drunk so I can give myself a reason to do it but to be honest I totally know perfectly what’s going on and I don’t stop it until after the kiss and he tries to go farther. I don’t want to be with him or marry him so don’t worry, that won’t happen. I am with you and you are perfect and have everything going for you. I really do enjoy talking about how we will plan our perfect white picket fence life together, but to be honest you will never able to spark a light inside my body like p does. I used to feel so guilty about this and beat myself up over it but it happened again last week and I now I feel guilty that I don’t feel that guilty

    Love your girlfriend of 5 years,


    Ps you deserve better than me and I know it

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    1. lol!
      May 31, 2014 at 11:04 am


    2. casual observer
      June 1, 2014 at 9:37 am

      Dear, A

      I am sorry to hear that there is an empty void inside you that exists. That must feel lonely; and my heart goes out to you. With that’s said, I’m afraid to say that you don’t deserve “T” if your own heart isn’t fully committed to him, let alone fully to yourself. I’m sorry you are experiencing this, but I think in time you will find your way and what you are looking for. The only advice I could offer, and not that you would even want it, would be to say that: try if you can to find contentment with what you have, and always continue to strive for more… Everyone has strength inside, and without a doubt, I know you do too:)

      Casual Observer

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