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    Sometimes light bulb moments don’t go off with bells and whistles attached. Sometimes they sneak up on you insidiously and whisper.

    I wanted it to work out so differently. Some people bitch and complain later in life because they know they didn’t put out the effort. I don’t have those types of regrets.

    I was waiting for you to follow through on what you said you wanted last year. Not just because I wanted it, but because you really knew you wanted it too.

    Instead what I received couldn’t have been worse had you been intentionally trying to cause me pain. How could I ever get past that even with forgiveness?

    In honor of Maya Angelou, I think this conveys my thoughts clearly:

    I’ve learned that
    people will forget
    what you said
    People will forget
    what you did
    But people will never forget
    How you made them feel.
    -Maya Angelou

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