• Questions for a wren

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    I wish it had just been a crazy infatuation…some mindless illusion of what I hoped for. But the truth, and the painful part of it is that I really found you interesting! I always had questions for you and even now, I still wonder things.
    1. What is the basic schematic of your garden? Did you select only plants native to our State or have you introduced others?
    2. Do you imagine yourself remaining a skeptic when you are a good deal older or might you possibly lean towards the psychic?
    3. Do you have any clue what turquoise stones do to your eyes?
    4. Do you believe that trees have souls? I do.
    5. What is the greatest thing taught to you by the living things around you?
    6. If you could change your job to include your favorite things and still get paid your same salary, what would you find yourself doing?
    7. Do you believe in karma?
    8. Did you keep the hibiscus? I hope so. She will enjoy your spirit.
    9. Could you ever be persuaded to understand that falling in love can utterly befuddle the brain causing some stupid behaviors? Do you ever remember putting someone so high up on a pedestal that there was no way you could ever meet them as anything but a foolish child?
    10. How important is catmint to your garden?
    11. Are you sometimes scared at night?
    12. Of all of the things you have studied, what would you want to learn more about?
    13. How the hell did you get those fancy tablecloths so white??? Didn’t the chickens get on them?
    14. What do you think is your greatest talent?
    15. Are you going to write your book? When? What will the main topic be about?
    16. The buddleia I accidentally cut down…has it revived itself? I still feel terrible about that. It was very hard to keep my mind on task around you.
    17. Do you sometimes miss me?
    18. Did you burn or trash the chair I painted for you?
    19. Do you know I truly love/d you?
    20. Do you like fireflies?

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