• Chrono Trigger

    by  • May 29, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Acceptance • 0 Comments

    This game was the shit. Funny how a game resonates lost time, futures, and memories. Being younger, I didn’t think very much about the game other than it was amazing for it’s time back then.

    And now that I’m older, the theme of it never has been more clear. All we got are memories, of past loved ones, people we lost, have gotten to know, the “adventures” we’ve gone through together; and while people disappear in our lives, time always leaves a parting gift we can cherish and recall whenever we’ve got the blues.

    And getting the blues ain’t so bad anymore when you’re recalling good times. You’ll never know what life has in store for the future, and all you can do is build up the courage to go on another adventure again. That’s what life is at the end of the day: journey after journey until you find the perfect place to be happy with yourself.

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