• Prologue to our love…forbidden love

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    Prologue to love unedited….

    He looked at her as she walked back into his world…..he looked at her with a love that seemed like it had been alive for a thousand years…. she glided towards him not even noticing the hundreds of people that stood in between their gaze in his parents house, the people that had always stood in between their story…the pages were left blank because of them……both of them frozen in the moment….although so much time had passed…..the story was still alive…..and the words were appearing on the pages like fireworks in the dark sky with every step she took towards him….pages that had been left blank because of the shame and guilt associated with loving someone you weren’t supposed to….she came closer…it was almost as she was walking down the aisle toward her destiny…blind faith leading her into his embrace…..time stood still , frozen in their gaze and between their eyes sharing with each other a story that only their hearts knew….and within those 5 minutes he revealed in his tell-tale gleaming blue eyes what years and distance had been hiding…what she had longed to hear him say so many years before….before he embarked on a journey that lead him anywhere but home…..it had been six years since he had seen her…… She was pretty still, body fuller through maturity and years of childbearing …..with dark brown hair and soft green eyes, and she moved so gracefully towards him that it almost seemed as though she were gliding. In that moment he knew, she knew he thought…his gaze told her the secret….her gaze said it back…..the secret that he was both ashamed and both proud of ……he was a stoic man of honor and respect and stood proud of the fact that he hadn’t settled into a life like everyone else….like she had….she always had a sadness about her that her words never spoke of….that no one else but him always picked up on…her actions were always the right ones, the ones deemed by society that proved her to be a happily married woman….but her eyes said it all…..however it was this woman, this undiscovered love …..what his soul both ran from and toward…..that he realized through all the years and failed relationships he could never find in another woman….. He’d seen and been with so many beautiful women before, though, women who caught his eye, but to his mind, they usually lacked the traits he found most desirable. Traits that unite you for a lifetime……traits that enable you to not settle….like he himself possessed intelligence, confidence, strength of spirit, passion, traits that inspired others to greatness, traits he aspired to..however these traits that also kept them apart….they were both proud and honorable , and this love story that was written in that gaze was a story that could only stand the test of faith and belief and gods divine intervention.

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    1. T
      May 28, 2014 at 11:54 pm

      Wow beautiful words straight from the heart and soul. I loved reading this, also because it struck a chord with my own situation. Thankyou for posting

    2. l
      May 30, 2014 at 9:57 am

      Maybe when the kids are grown and we’re old, we’ll finally sit on that porch together.
      For now so many things keep me from your eyes.

    3. Soulmate?
      May 31, 2014 at 7:36 am

      Ok, this was absolutely gorgeous to read. I really wish my person had written this, as it sounds strikingly familiar, the time frame and everything. This would be our exact love story in a nutshell. My person can see everything in my eyes. He can read me very well, even if I don’t say a word. I can also read him, not just what his eyes tell me, but also his thoughts. My intuition is very keen with him. I know what he is thinking from miles away. I also know he is trying to be an honorable man, as I the honorable woman; however, I must say that if he were to come crashing in as my knight and shining armor, then I definitely wouldn’t fight it. Especially if he looked me straight in the eyes and told me that I was his ‘one.’ Then I would be reassured that all of the beautiful women that I knew were a part of his past were really not that significant. I had always wanted to be his ‘one.’ Maybe that’s what held your person back. Maybe that person felt like another number.

      Maybe you should reach for your person. Maybe he or she is waiting for you to appear again in their life. 🙂

      It Sounds like the two of you are unique enough to figure it all out.

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