• to my best frend

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    I’ve been puttering around your place looking through old pictures of us. God, we had so many good times, so much fun. It feels weird looking at some of the best times of my life on small pieces of plastic. Bent and yellowed, decomposing. I have a lump in my throat.
    I miss you so much, L.
    You think you’re this weak, small, insignificant person. You think he broke you, that you are worthless. That you don’t matter.
    The truth is that you are one of the strongest girls I know.
    If I were you, I never would have forgiven, and I would have wrecked that girls life. Armed with what you have had. I would have wreaked havoc on her life, and on his.
    I’ll never comprehend how you controlled those emotions. I wish I had your heart. You don’t hurt people, you just don’t. You never have. No matter what God-awful things they do to you, you don’t fire back.
    You think you’re weak? You’re not. He’s weak. She’s weak. He’s a loser, a worthless piece of trash that doesn’t now, and never has, deserved your love. She’s a pathetic woman who’s dating a look a like since she can’t have him.
    You’re loved, by many. You could have a number of guys that I know personally. Why cling to this piece of crap?
    I want to cause mayhem in their lives so badly. You don’t even know.
    I always was the vindictive cunt of our little duo though. You were the soft soul. Why do these fucking monsters always find girls like you instead of girls like me???
    Poolhall trash…
    Come home to me…

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