• The beautiful beautiful you…

    by  • May 27, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    I miss you, the real you. You don’t know, but I wish you knew
    I wish it was different, simple instead
    Of all of these letters that you never read.
    Or maybe you did, but I’ll never be sure.
    How many more days do I have to endure
    This torture for…Listen, if I am ever free
    From wishing and dreaming of you and of me,
    I’ll bottle this message and I’ll let it sail
    In hopes it will reach you but knowing it’ll fail.
    It’ll circle the Earth leaving us in the dust
    Before its picked up by a stranger at last.
    He’ll wonder what name to assign to this plague
    That made correspondence so awkwardly vague.
    Its causes unknown, but the specimen’s real,
    So this is how loving a person must feel.
    But slowly its being squeezed out bit by bit
    Not much left to hope for, so might as well…?

    Simple passion, raw and unbridled
    Demoned by lust and the stills of the past
    To this day the pixels hold the memories
    But they say time is cyclical
    So I will hold on
    To that hypothesis like a dear paper doll
    That survived the neighborhood fire
    As hot and fiery as that desire
    For the beautiful human being
    That never knew his beauty
    And will never believe my honesty
    Even if its crystallized in a thousand tears
    To him just water eliminated from this corpse
    To me the soul’s somber fireworks
    To celebrate the end of the beginning
    Of yet another life apart

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