• That Dreaded E-mail

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    I know you’ve been waiting for this “dreaded email” a while coming now…. and well, I saw your message saying you’re gunna tell “the emo teenager everything” But I must say, I already “know everything”. I already know that he isn’t attracted to you anymore, I already know that he hates eating you out, I already know that he doesnt want to touch you, let alone have sex with you. He says you’re getting fat and old, and that the make up you wear is a “little much for your age”. I know that he hates being around you, but no “father in his right mind would choose a relationship over his children” . He puts up with you to see his kids. He tells me. every day. of course he lies to you about it.. lol.. if he wasn’t honest u wouldn’t let him see them….

    I’ve been back home for say, almost 3-4 weeks now? hahaha. I came back the day he was supposed to go watch your daughter while u had ur apt… ya.. he came to see me instead. He stayed for 2 and a half hours, and we talked, about everything. he even asked me to marry him. I told him I would think about it. He told me that he wanted to keep the baby, and that we would move out to the country and start our family. he told me that he loved me, and told me that he couldn’t continue “ur relationship” because he was done pretending that he was attracted to u.. he told me that he could never be with someone he didn’t find attractive. must suck that ur 40-something, and running out of options. no one wants an old, used, ex married woman with 4 kids.. that’s why u fight so hard for him.

    He told me that he would do anything for me, and he did for a while. he gave me all his passwords and everything (: well, shit, I’m sorry you have to hear all this ): Must have been nice to have ur husband back… too bad it didn’t last huh…. And hiding it from ur kids? haha… I have more than enough proof I need to go to court myself, maybe I was the one you shoulda been hiding it from.. oh wait.. u did and he STILL came back to me. hahahahaha.

    It will always be back and forth between you and me… so I’ve made the decision to raise my baby alone and move out of the city. Have fun in your little town of no where, and moving, again, lol. That’s what makes slutty children(From personal experience… duhhh!!!) not having a stable life… not having a stable male role model.. always changing schools, doing anything to fit in… That’s what f*cked up ur kids.. don’t fucking blame me….. you’re the one who should be setting the standard for your girls…. not some random whore your ex husband is fucking… its a problem of your parenting, not a problem of me not keeping it in my pants.. plus maybe the fact that their bio dad is ur cousin(eww wtf? and u judge me.. HA!! ur fun-aaaaay)that probs has something to do with the fact ur kids are f*cked up.

    anyway.. I have all the pictures I need.. proof that hes been talking to you, proof that hes been seeing you, proof of his messaging other girls……. the belly dancer? He sent her a huge cheese ball message… But he erased it ): I’m the one who got a screen shot of the convo before he did… Lol. Ever realize that if he isn’t playing me, or you, hes tryna fuck up some other girls life? Have fun with that for the next years of ur life… Uve already wasted 8 years, why stop now???? That would just give your wee girls a good start in life. that would just make u a ‘good’ mother. As long as you’re happy right? Hahaha. that’s the same mistake my mom made. she was selfish and she chose her wants over what was better for her kids…. in your case it’s continuing to see him even though he hurts you and lies to you and doesn’t keep his promises. but u keep him around because u know you’re running out of time and you’ll end up growing old ALONE, u don’t care that it isn’t what is best for the girls. Let him see them…… Thru courts. Stop trying to make the marriage work. stop letting him back into your life and destroying all the walls you took months to build, in a matter of days. Suck it up, you’re going to be alone. Just focus on ur girls and stop making STUPID selfish decisions regarding him.

    You talk and beg everyone to give u approval of ur so called “mothering skills” , but then u want to go party and do drugs and just have a lot of sex and fuck guys (and girls.. )? WOW!!!! then u want to be in the porn industry? hahahaha. yeaaaaaaaah…… its ‘my fault’ that ur girls are turning out exactly like YOU??!?!?!?!… hmm. LOL! What a star role model you are… maybe I’m not the reason your daughter(s? soon enough too, probably. wants to be just like bigger sis.. have u seen what shes wearing? when I was 13 I wasn’t worrying about skinny jeans or bleaching my hair… nope… I was raising my younger sister, and playing nintendo)….. is turning out like a slut, but she just takes on just like her mother. Children see, children do. Just imagine if your children ever saw the porn u make…. oh my …. oh my…. OH MY.. yup, its my fault that they saw that. lol. stop blaming a stranger for the way u fucked up ur kids. take responsibility, you’re a grown woman.

    Aww… and u sucked his cock for him? How nice. must be even better knowing that he was probably thinking about me the whole time. Actually, Im very certain he was. lol. He loves to eat my pussy, probably because I haven’t had 4 kids. Hes the first and only guy to have eaten me out (so far). I was only sexually active for 4 months before he fucked me. He couldn’t get enough. that’s why he loves younger girls. Nice and tight and un used. He was also my first anal experience, and I was his 3rd. He also told me that I was his sexual goddess, and the best sex he’s ever had, and I bet you didn’t know, but it was always him begging me to come over to fuck me. I lost count of how many times you called him while I was sucking his cock. We would laugh at you when he finally hungup. How many times I fucked him and sucked his cock right before he came over to ur house.. too many!! I would even get him to drive me 9/10ths of the way then go see my sister who also lives near u.. we’d make out just before he dropped me off…and into your place… Think about it, how many times u kissed him, did u ever taste me? Hmm. lol. yummmmmmmmmmmm.

    let’s see… what else can I say to hurt your emotions?? I’ll let you know when I figure it out. oh… btw….. He says one day he’d like to get back together with me in a few years when all this drama is over (: So don’t fuck it up, because I’ll be working on me. and when I’m a naughty, hottie, 23 year old with hair down to my ass and a career and a life, I’ll be so fucking hot I could get anyone, but I will have him, just to piss you off. Ttfn.

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    1. wow!
      June 1, 2014 at 7:11 am

      sounds like you and this guy are made for each other.

    2. double wow!
      June 2, 2014 at 3:32 pm

      yuck! did he tell you that he is lying to you and that he is only using you???

      you know karma does exist I guess you deserve what you have coming for being so nasty, try making something of yourself because in a few years time you wont be so young. Happens to everyone you know! and btw she was also young and hot once.

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