• Revenge, love

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    A., Now that you saw your name, maybe you can read. August is never the easiest. Especially this past August. You get scars, you get wonderful memories that become deadly pains. Maybe I’m just too damn stupid. But I just want you to know what I’ve been through. How you torn my heart apart. Cause I fell so crazy in love with you.

    Let me tell you about it for once. The months of agony waiting for a single word from you after you left. The tears, the tears, the tears again. How I could just not be happy like the others around me, because I had lost you. How I was dying inside. How it drove me crazy. How much of a vivid pain and open wounds I had. How you ruined me.

    You’re haunting me. Guys don’t stand a chance cause they can’t compete with you. I wish I could see you again, to finish what we started. I wish I could just know you’re not for me and turn the page, I wish I could just erase you from my mind even though you’re one of its most wonderful memories. Why did you have to be so perfect, so everything i had been waiting for, for so long? I know I’ll never feel what I felt for you for anyone else.

    Despite my hopes and dreams, I’ll never see you again. Ever. In my whole lifetime. Remember those words you said? “You need to forget about me, but know that i’ll never forget about you”. Well, love, I want these words to become as real and painful to you as they were to me. I want your lies to become truths. I want you to feel it deep inside. The malediction of love. You chose to hurt me. Now you’re gonna hurt.

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