• Betrayal

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    We’ve been together for 19 years and married for 14. We have had so many experienced so much joy and loss together. At one time, you were my world – the reason I got up and went to work every morning. We were best friends. But then things changed. I know that my stress levels were partly to blame, but you began to shut me out. You acted as though you were the only one allowed to have problems because of the troubled past from which I truly wanted to deliver you. I tried very hard to do so, but there is no saving you. Now, I’m finding out so much more of your past that you never clued me in on. That really cuts deep, you know. There’s also the letters I found that you wrote to your father where you described how you felt about me. I felt betrayed. Our marriage is a walking corpse! You have no idea how to communicate with me about my daily challenges because you’ve never existed in this world. That’s okay, but to just give me curt little replies in exasperation… well, I just expected so much more. And that gaggle of snakes you call a family… the ones who are so deserving of your time and affection even though they created ALL of the problems in your past. I am done with this. I need to be pragmatic, for the children’s sake, but this is really killing me. I feel so empty and lost. I’m alive only in the most technical sense. Of course I will always love you in some way, but I need something to happen to save this thing. I’ve talked until hoarse to no avail. Perhaps we should just give up. I need a partner – someone to push me in a positive way – not one who just leaves me frustrated and broken.

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