• Leave me Alone

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    Dear you know who you are,

    We have been friends for a few years, the whole friendship looking back all you ever did was belittle me, manipulated, controlled, and used me. People keep on telling me that you don’t treat me right i gave you chances and forgave you, at first I didn’t believe the people but I slowly started to realize that our relationship was toxic. You always complained about your problem, how your and this and that is so hard and how your life is more important than anyone elses. You are a type of person that feeds off people and drain their energy, all the stuff or all times I was there for you, you would have never done for me if I treated you the way you treated me you would hate me. The last few months we were still friend you told me you watched my moves and you banned me from talking or being friends with others, you just wanted to keep me under your thumb and be on call 24/7 for you cuz your like a God and you gave me the personality I have today and I should thank you everyday. That one day you accused me of being evil and spreading lies about you and how you treat me, people saw I never went to anyone to cry about our friendship they all saw that was the day you ended the friendship and I am glad you think you ended it because if you ever tried to come back when you realized that you hurt me so bad that I couldn’t lived like the way i did, that is why when I am done with a person I am done for good ,so you ended it and you have no right after so many months trying to talk to me accusing me of ignoring you, when you blocked me off of all social media that’s really mature and asking if I will ever tell you what you done so bad to hurt me you know why but you are a psychopathic, pathological liar person who twisted people words and always bring it back to you as being the victim and me being in the wrong yeah I am to wanna be happy and live a life free from your control and be friends with people who don’t control me love me for me and don’t use me all the ways you have done to me. And you still accuse me of spreading lies telling people you are evil and such when I have never done anything at all. I was so afraid of talking, wearing, or breathing the wrong way to upset you and who know what you would do next to me. You have emotionally and physically abused me and I have forgiven you and also myself for letting the friendship going on for so long. The last few months of not having you in my life have been the best and the happiest I have ever been and yes in the beginning we had good times but the bad times outweighed the good you made me cry on my birthday for eating caked at another friends house who does that? So yes I am not going to reply to your message and invite you back into my life or get what type of closure want to the reason why you hurt me so bad. After so many months you came to the conclusion you hurt me real bad to not be friends with you anymore and now you wanna know why. The friendship ended long ago and toxic friendship aren’t healthy and the articles I read told me I need to move on and forget about you and Im not going to reply to you anymore cuz I’m happy and free and know what a real friend is like, now I am on the road to heal from all the damage you done to me and I have progressed beautifully and every day is a beautiful day because your not in my live anymore and I do not want you ever in my life you will forever be just a memory from a long distance time. And I hope you don’t treat others the way you have me even though I know for a fact the other friends you complained to me that left you while you were just the best for them they realized there is something wrong with you and they didn’t want to be friends with you anymore just as I didn’t wanted anymore either. So please leave me alone and let me live my life in peace. Because I owe you nothing at all when I was your puppet and a good friend that cared to much in the end and I will not feel bad for anything still there is nothing to feel bad for. I am truly happy and the best is yet to come and better days ahead. Goodbye forever!

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