• Dear World

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    Dear World,

    I care. I care about humans, I care about people. I do have feelings. I am not cold. Not mean. Not the person they would like me to be. I am not a being that would fit in this society. I cry. I break down. I am sensitive. Over sensitive. I get hurt. 24 hours a day. I overreact. 24 hours a day. I can’t fight. I can’t remain silent. I can’t be who I would be if I were ME. The one I know. I don’t ask for much. I ask for kindness. Respect. Equity. Justice. I ask for a better world. A world made of Humanity. Beliefs. Hopes. Dreams. Not made of jealousy, of people putting down other people to make a name for themselves, of people ignoring what feelings are, of words being used as weapons or weapons being used against words.

    I have experienced how words can destroy someone’s life. How words can heal wounds and make someone’s day. How they are strong, powerful in both extreme ways. We are evolving in a crazy world. But a smile can change that. An uplifting speech. Even a single positive word could change that. It would cost nothing and we would all be much richer in the end. There is a price for being human. One that is hard to pay. You get judged, you get criticized, you get put down, crushed, some might even rip your heart out, tear your dreams apart, make you believe that you’re not worth it, that this society is all about being strong, flawless, insensitive, unreachable, and successful. But that’s not what I call success.

    I care. I care about humans. Them. Him. Her. I even care about You. I listen to your wishes, your fears, your hopes, your faith, your stories, your lies, your memories. I can see what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror. I can also see what everyone else sees in you, a beautiful being that you refuse to see. I can see the tears as I can see the smiles. The light in your eyes. I can feel the fears. I can hear the heartbeats. I can learn about who you are, feel the person that you want to be.

    We are all kids. Grown up kids. But we have the same feelings. The same weaknesses. The same memories. The same uncertainties. The same hesitations. The same beliefs. The same principles. The same roots. We are all kids. The same over sensitive kids. We hate criticism because we see nothing worthy in angry words. We hate lies because they tear people apart. We often hate who we’ve become. People who don’t live up to their own expectations.

    But World, don’t worry, World… It’s just a bad day, not a bad life. It’s about time you become as beautiful as you can be. Because I care, and we all do. Be the change you wanna see around you.


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    1. Echos round the canyon
      May 25, 2014 at 2:01 pm

      I was just dissecting a JFK speech about ‘Secret Societies’ (1961) from the original as published in The Kennedy Library. I dislike how people twist words or speeches into a message they want to deliver.

      While not quite as eloquent as the last vestige of a great leader, your message contains a similar type of hope; a body of work that restores a sense of goodness and humanity.

      I believe Jack would approve of your message

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