• Disasters

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    To the drizzle:

    I love you very much but I think I need some time

    It’s like this,
    you’re perfect
    you do all the things a good boyfriend should do
    But I guess I’m not looking for perfect

    I think I like tumultuous
    I like crazy and passionate and deep love

    And I love you very much but I’m just not in love with you like I should be

    And that makes me feel more empty than I felt when I was alone.

    I know you’d be a good husband and father to our two kids while we live in some suburb of some Southern state

    But that’s not what I want
    I mean, I’m not sure what I want, but I know that’s not it.

    I want adventures giving way to memories.

    I don’t think you know that
    I don’t think you know me

    You can stare as long as you want at a person and that doesn’t make you know them.

    Do you get that?

    I am a tornado and I need an earthquake to match

    And you’re just rain really
    a quiet rain on a Sunday morning

    when I want a torrential downpour

    And I think I need to figure some things out

    I need to figure myself out
    and be alone for awhile

    I haven’t been alone since I can’t remember when

    And I think it would be really nice

    I think that’s what would make me happy right now

    I’m sorry.

    To the downpour:

    Where are you, true love?

    I feel like I’ve been waiting forever.

    And I keep filling the space that you are meant to belong in with other people

    People that don’t fit,
    Quiet rains

    and I guess I’m just sort of wondering where you are and what you’re doing right at this moment

    And why you’re taking so fucking long

    And if maybe you’re wondering about me too
    And if you’re breaking other innocent hearts to get closer to me
    Where I am

    We need to pray harder
    search longer, okay?

    Because I wanna know you

    All of you
    Every shake of you
    my earthquake

    I wanna meet you in some ridiculous place
    And have some ridiculous conversation
    Where you ask my favorite colors
    And know that I am strong when I say red

    Where I sweep you off your feet like the tornado I am
    And we remember that moment when we’re old

    Weak disasters now holding hands

    Because someone has to thank God for the storms
    While other thank him for the rainbows

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