• Closure

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    Dear N,

    We broke up a year and a half ago, but it has been on and off since then. Until now, two weeks ago you got into a new relationship. To be honest, it did hurt me when i did find out because I still thought we were working things out. But of course, I am the idiot for thinking we could be together again. I know you kept telling me it was all for fun and i just got into my feeling again. I just don’t get it. How can you just drop everything that we had in two weeks? Were you seeing this girl while we were doing things? I told you i didn’t want what we did to be meaningless, but you told me that for you it was just meaningless. You did not want anything from me except sex. I was used. You really did not want a relationship with me because I was too much to handle and you could not handle the pressure from my family. If you actually apologized and acting more like you cared about our relationship, my family would still like you, but you ruined that when you told me you wanted to take a break. And now you say I am the one that broke up with you because I told you that I couldn’t wait for you after all you wanted was to experience other things. Well fuck you, I am not that girl who will just sit and wait for you. You say you still want to be friends, but lets be honest we are never going to be the best friends that we were before we dated or even while we were dating. The friendship and relationship is broken. We will never be the same. I hope your new girlfriend makes you happy. To be honest, she is ugly. And looking back, i don’t know what i saw in you either. I hope you can get your life together. I am glad I am not with you because when we were together you treated me like shit for a good one and half years. The only good times we had was the first year we went out, every time after that was shit. I don’t trust you even as a friend. But thank you because now you have definitely harder for future guys because i now have an issue with trust. Please do not contact me ever again. I hate your guts. If you do contact me, I will ignore it. You are a douche and no one likes you. Everyone hates being around you. the only people that actually like you are the people that go to school with your current girlfriend because they don’t know the real you. You also have changed a lot and the person that you have become know is annoying and rude. You have no respect for women and you do not think about what you say. Everything you say comes off rude and you just don’t care. I’m sorry but i do not want to be around someone like that. Also everything that you gave me is hidden in my closet. The pictures and cards were thrown away or deleted off social media. Goodbye douchebag. Have a great life.

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