• You had me at hello

    by  • May 22, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    You had me at hello
    And I lost you with no goodbye
    No closure just left broken, where’s my allaby?
    For I am not guilty for how I feel. I can’t help I love this girl
    She makes my heart melt inside. It even seems to twirl.
    My stomach goes into nots as my head feels my heartbeat
    Pounding, just pounding, doesn’t sound too sweet
    But what’s sweet is the soothingness to it all, that I find in this crazy heart
    Is that it all seems to call me down, when I just want to fall apart.
    My love drug if you will, the adderall to keep me focused
    I love you with all of my heart. The whole world seems to notice.
    I’m to the point where I don’t care as much. What’s wrong with loving your own best friend?
    Love is patient love is blind, is the only message I want to send.
    Love sees no sexes nor races. Just the beauty found within
    And the way your heartbeat seems to follow mine, along through the wind.
    I know these times are hard, but all wounds heal with time
    Give me all your love. And I assure you we will be just fine.

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