• To My Future Daughter

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    Dear future daughter,

    I am only leaving the ninth grade as I write you this letter, and I hope to be much wiser by the time I get a chance to meet you. I wanted to write you this letter because I think I just realized something very important. I met this guy at the beginning of the school year 2013. He is known as my first love. I have loved him and will love him is some part of my heart for the rest of my life. He has broken my heart and he has loved me with the same passion as I love him. I have learned a lot of lessons from him in the 6 months we’ve been together. It’s a comforting thought to be able to say we will be together forever, but it isn’t realistic. If you ever have to come to this realization, I am sorry. This man and I are great together. He is my best friend. Our dreams, goals, and wishes could not be more different than each other. Which is going to kill us in the end. One day I will have to say good bye to him, and it is a day I dread. Who knows? Maybe he’s your father and one of us compromised for the other. What matters is that we’re happy right now. What will be will be.

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