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    Hey guys, i’m a 13 year old girl. People think self harming is just cutting, well it’s not, it’s Cutting yourself, burning yourself and beating yourself. Also loads more, i’ve self-harmed before, i wish i never, i didn’t self harm because i was getting bullied or life was hard. No. I self harmed because i wanted too see what it was like, as all my friends were doing it i thought ‘It won’t be that bad’ I can remember where i did it, it was a horrible experience. What did i use? I used a sharpener blade, yes. I unscrewed it and went into my bedroom, Shut my door and played the song; Just a dream by Nelly. As i made that first cut, i got addicted just by that one cut so i did it again. I only did about 5 cuts and then i stopped. Tears filled my eyes as i thought ‘What have i done’. I told my mum i was going out so i went out too my friends house, i knocked on his door and he said he wasn’t coming out, i was gonna tell him what i had done to myself but he never came out. So i went back home and i went back into my room, i grabbed my phone and messaged my grandma, i told her what i done and she phoned my mum, as i herd my mum coming up stairs i went all sweaty, She walked in my room and said ‘Grandma told me what you done why’ I told her why and that and she said if i did it again, she would take me too this place called Calhms Its were you go too talk about why you’re self harming and talk about you’re problems. I did it a second time and i regret it, my mum never took me to Calhms but she took my I Pod off me, ever since that i never self harmed again.
    I want you guys too know, harming yourself isn’t the way too go about things, talk to a parent or adult if you cant, talk too you’re friends, I want you girls and boys too stay strong and whatever you guys are going through i promise it will get better, you guys are beautiful and i love you.

    Stay Strong Beautifuls.

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