• Either Way

    by  • May 22, 2014 • To You • 0 Comments

    Dear You,
    To explain my thoughts precisely. I want friendship with the kissing. You make me want to be someone’s best friend all over again..well yours. I know i’ve been jaded about love. I don’t love him anymore when I think about you. When I hold you..I don’t think of him. In fact the only reason I talk about him is to stop thinking about you. Because you’re right I will get hurt by you. Miserably..and terribly hurt. And the beautiful part about it is I don’t care. I want to be burned..crushed…incinerated by you. I know you’d run to her if shed have you and i’m fine if that happens. Well i’m not fine. I’m just accepting that it will. Because there’s a phrase that rings true..”.loving someone in any form means wanting them to have happiness even though deep inside all you wanted to be was their happiness.” I am happy you are happy. I love kissing you. When I see you..I cant help but want to get you alone. I love how kind your eyes are. How calm you are about things to everyone but how bothersome I know you truly feel under the skin. If I believed in fate, Id say a bunch of silly cliches. But the truth is. I love you. In a weird, fucked up, misguided way I do. And i’m terribly sorry I do. Because I want you to have her more than anything. But i’ve learned loving someone means being unselfish. So i’ll keep loving you in our unusual way. Because she’s your happiness.

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