• to YOU my best friend

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    I don’t come here often anymore but when I do, it’s to write to you, mainly my thoughts and about how much I love you and want to be with you.


    You don’t want to be with me, you are in love with someone else, eitherway I cannot stop loving you I drive myself insane some days just thinking about you. I wish that I didn’t fall in love with someone who will never love me in the way I love them because my heart belongs to somebody who’s is never going to claim it.

    I hate hearing about how upset you are and how you are worried about your relationship because it makes me sad to see you so unhappy and unsure of what is going to happen. You deserve so much more than you have, maybe I’m not even the right person to give you what you deserve but you deserve so much more.

    (You & me) well there is no you and me, not in that sense..but I will always love you and want a you&me ALWAYS. I’m always going to be here for you through happy and sad times because I can not help but love you, no matter what you do I’ll always be here for you I will never judge you or say I told you so because that is just not me.

    You are my right kind of wrong.
    I’m addicted to your attention and
    Crave your affection.

    I just wish the feelings wasn’t all one sided,
    Only in dreams can I be with you, so as I go to sleep again I do so with you on my mind hoping that you&me are in my dreams once more .

    Your bestfriend.

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