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    My Name is Yasmin. I am writing this letter to whoever is out there listening. I think to myself every day, what can I do to make a better life for myself and my family? Then I think about what society thinks I should do. “Audition for The Voice!” they would say. As if it were that simple. “Just submit an audition video!” Sounds easy, but there’s something about submitting a video that isn’t easy either. I forget things. What someone said yesterday, Lyrics, which month is before which month, etc… I’m not stupid. I just can’t remember. I don’t have memory loss, I just can’t remember. Maybe if I really buckled down and studied a song or the order of months in a year, I would know. Just last night we were playing a card game and I had to count on my fingers what 7 + 5 was. I’m 21 years old. I feel like I skipped elementary school.

    I haven’t talked to anyone about it because the only reason I haven’t submitted a video to The Voice is because I’m afraid I won’t remember the lyrics. An easy fix would be to sit myself down and learn the order of months in a year. Sit down and learn the lyrics to a song. The only realistic reason for not doing so is because I’m lazy and have no drive. At least that is what society would say. But in actuality I don’t like to start things that I don’t think I’ll finish. That goes for starting college if I don’t have money or a car. That goes for sending in a submission video if I’m going to be reading from a lyrics screen the entire time.

    I moved to Alaska last week and I don’t even know where I am on the map. All I know is that I’m on top of the world. I moved here because I wasn’t making enough in California. Now I’m in the an extremely small secluded village trying to make enough money to get a couple fillings and root canals, buy a used car, and get a plane ticket back home where the sun shines at the right time. I have a gift that many have called “angelic”. I have an on and off again relationship with God and I have no clue where I’m going with this letter. Maybe I wrote this for me, or for you, or for that one person. Maybe everyone was crying about their struggles that I felt it only fair I write one of my own. Well to whomever the reader is, I hope this time in your life is more exciting than this time in mine.

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    1. Jack Crowe
      May 20, 2014 at 3:07 am

      There’s nothing wrong with following the path of least resistance up to a certain point. Don’t stress yourself with needing to start college right away, or make it big on a television show. Once the bare necessities are fulfilled, you’ll find yourself able to move toward ambitions like auditioning, or whatever else you find yourself desiring. Just don’t give up, and look for help when you need it, there are always people willing to lend a hand toward whatever you need if you look hard enough.

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