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    Dear Team,
    I own the fact that i absolutely suck at office politics.

    I am tired of being part of a two and sometimes three part stooge on this team. If there is a job or position that is undesirable, let’s just go to one of the girls. Today was no exception. Field trip coming up… one student (girl) with a medical problem who needs to have a nurse accompany. I can only assume that there was a request from the other male that he does not want to be the leader of that group. So lets go ask one of the girls… innocently enough. Who has her in class? As though he does not know the answer by this time of year that we ALL do. Waiting for one of us to volunteer. This girl is not an easy one… as far as a “special rapport” I don’t know that any of us do… “I just want her to feel comfortable” AKA I don’t want Jim to have to deal with her.

    I didn’t offer. And I might have complained a bit to #2.

    Bottom line: this is no popularity contest. This is our freaking livelihood. We 5 make up the team, not the two boys and every other boy on staff. That is where I feel the loyalty lies.

    Am i wrong? Ok – so now when you leave here, to whom are you going to complain about me? Walk upstairs and tell it to the boys. You know you will.


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    1. Girls' club
      May 20, 2014 at 6:54 am

      As a female member of a “Boys’ Club” work environment, I have only two tings to say. 1) It doesn’t get better, and 2) not all teams are like this.

      Grit your teeth and smile. Take the shit, and work hard. Why? Not for them, but for you. Go home knowing that you’re the better one for it.

      In the meantime, keep your eyes open for something better.


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