• My Love For You Till The End

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    I’m afraid of losing you my dear best friend, you are also my great lover,and my older brother. When we first meet i never thought that you would going to be so important to me. When my boyfriend got jealous to you, i have done lots of explanation to him just to protect our friendship. But now you have you’re girlfriend, you have to leave me it’s because of your damn girlfriend. All this time i have been protecting this friendship just in one second ull giving up on me. And Because i really love you i’m letting you go. every time I remember the happy memories we have. I can’t help it but cry cry cry 🙁 Because I Love You more than friends <3.

    Don’t worry i’m not angry at you, i’m just disappointed that you’ve turned to a person that I don’t want you to be 🙁

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    My Broken And Hopeless Heart

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