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    two wrongs don’t make a right

    by  • May 20, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 5 Comments

    I think it’s time I let go. I’m so crazy over you it drives me insane. I over think and analyze every move we make. Together we broke each other’s hearts. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I think that means we will never actually be right, for each other. Tonight was probably the last

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    I can assure you…

    by  • May 20, 2014 • To You • 0 Comments

    I did not want or need attention from anyone. At the time, I felt more like hiding. Pretty beat up ya know. It’s what happens. There you go – you can find solace in that. Know that they took so much from me. But, I had just moved back and was getting the same question

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    It hurts

    by  • May 20, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    The bruise? That hurts. What hurts more is that I punched you back and broke your nose. You said things about my family? That’s OK. I said even worse things about yours. I hate your mother because she was mean to me and she said mean things about my dead dad. And I know that

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