• Dear PAper

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    Dear Paper,

    I notice something different about you every time I look at you. You seem to gain more letters which form words. You seem to grow in length to when I think I’m running out you just keep racing. What do the words on you mean? Beliefs? Hope? Why these specific words? I love how your words unite everyone no matter the language, English, Spanish, Portuguese, its all the same. You should tell me about all the places you’ve traveled, the mall, L.A., Nevada multiple states, even the trash can. Why do you allow people to hurt you? You’re so beautiful like John Legend said, “love your curves and all your edges all your perfect imperfections”.

    Yet you let people cut, rip, tear, bite, eat, and ball up you’re another person I can trust I’ve shared all my secrets with you just remember I write on you all the way from the beginning to the end with all my feelings. We have a lot in common we both depend on someone or something to make us a better person; a pen for you, and college for me. You have so much heart always comforting me, and letting my tears drop on you.

    You know how tattoos stain a person for life well I’m sorry about all the hateful words I once put on you. Those words, man those words they were something else and I love how all he times I wrote letters you made sure one of your relatives came back. Remember you helped me when the people I counted on most couldn’t even do that. This isn’t a poem but it is definitely a thank you.

    I now I’m flexible to a certain extent but how did you bend in all those awkward directions, making a boat, a butterfly, and origami must be the way you exercise.

    Ishajanek O.

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