• A letter to My Brother

    by  • May 19, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Acceptance • 0 Comments

    I’ve known about you for 8, almost 9 years now. Okay so it’s been a while since we actually saw each other. I mean it feels just like yesterday when you left me and I haven’t been right ever since. I haven’t really got to experience the older brother, protection type of thing and I want to recompile our relationship. It’s been 7 years to long. I guess you figured that if I needed you a long time ago that I would’ve come to look for you. How is that possible if I don’t even remember your face? I miss the idea of you always telling me you’re going to beat me up when I would act a fool. How come you haven’t come to fetch for me? Do you know we have 7 other siblings and you haven’t met one but me? I want to meet you. You’re the best thing that has happened to me since forever, hearing your voice, just your name escaping my mouth.

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