• To The Little Sister Once I Thought I Had

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    Hey you Little Girl?? How are you?? How are things?? Have they been treating you well??

    Frankly, there were so many questions that I would love to ask you in person, yet our situation had made me to put that thought into my deep consideration for it might lead us to the deadly circle again. I hated that and I really did’t want to make you wasting your valuable time for someone (who you said had hurt you the most) like me.

    Firstly, The main purpose of this letter was to express the reason behind my “silence” action. I did that for the two of us. I had no intention to hurt you. Yet, I knew this might cut your heart anyway. Just to let you informed, I had no choice. I had to do this or we would not go anywhere with our situation. You with your attempts to fix things between us; me with my trauma of not wanting to feel more pain and not wanting to make other people to be suicidal.

    I tried to keep this letter as brief as possible since I had no idea what else to say. Yet, I always kept you deep in my heart as my little sister. You may just came for once, but that once had taught me a priceless lesson which I would not trade it for anything.

    I wished you all the beauties of life. May you live a healthy and happy life. I knew that you’d do great without me. I would just be your useless and unnecessary burdens. I would not want to be your nightmare again. For my existence had become your reason of sorrow and misery life.

    Be good Little Sister.
    Be wise and smart wherever the live might lead you.

    Lastly, happy birthday. It had passed us a week ago, but better late than nothing, right? I remembered. I always remembered.

    The Older Sister Whose Existence Is Well Preserved.

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