• my feelings on paper

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    Every time I see you, my knees go weak

    Every time you’re next to me, my heart races

    Every time we hug, I wish you were mine

    But most of all, I wish I knew the right way to tell you

    When I’m with you, my mind goes blank

    I dont remember the right things to say

    I trip over my thoughts, and sound dumb when I speak

    I dont know if you care about me, or may ever care about me

    But I wish I could just show you..prove to you…that I can be a good
    Man to you, and a good father figure to your daughter

    I want to show you that not all men are bad, that not every person you
    meet will just try to use you or hurt you

    I try so very hard to seem desirable,
    but I dont have the courage to ask you how you feel..
    in fear that I might lose the opportunity to be a more important part
    of your life

    I only wish I knew the answers

    Will you give me the chance to show you the affection you deserve,
    or will we just stay friends?
    One day I will ask you this question for the last time,
    so I can put aside any doubt
    and truly know the type of person I need to be to you

    But no matter what you decide, I will never abandon you.

    I don’t regret the money spent
    or the time other people would have considered wasted,
    if I’m not the one you want
    Because I truly care about you
    And you can always count on me to be there, when you need someone the most.

    But I pray that I can one day look you in the eye, and say,
    “I love you”

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