• I don’t understand

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    I don’t understand that you seem to think I don’t see your words on other pages

    I don’t understand that you seem to think they don’t effect me and how it makes me feel

    I don’t understand that you don’t seem to realize how I am adding one plus one what appears to be in plain sight

    I don’t understand that IF they were for me you would think that I know
    (I know they’re not so please don’t try to spin this around)

    I don’t understand that you seem to think the way things are is okay for the both of us

    I don’t understand that you seem to expect nothing but comfort from me
    (don’t you realize that I am human and have bad moments too?)

    I don’t understand that you seem to need my love when my love seems to be the furthest from your mind

    I don’t understand many things when it comes to us and most of all …

    I don’t understand why I even love you so profoundly still

    You give me nothing but assumptions and fail to notice that I have given up assuming anything positive for me long time ago
    (There were just too many times that I have been proven wrong)

    You and your women – it cracks me – up go for it and do your thing

    I just don’t understand what you expect from me when everything is always about everything ‘you’

    (and don’t say that you care because caring is more then being worried, caring is the willingness to take action if needed)

    Brings me to square one – everything is always – about


    I have become less accommodating and more selfish too, have I?

    Geeze, and you don’t seem to understand why.

    I can’t tell you any of this because it would hurt YOU too much
    and somehow I don’t want to be the one hurting you.
    I’m tired of you misconstruing all of me and besides, you have enough others doing just that.

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