• I am powerful

    by  • May 17, 2014 • To You • 0 Comments

    So I hope you do know, that I did and do love you. Gave it my damnedest, actually. You had to fuck with it and the mind though. You never could quite admit wrongdoing, defeat, remorse, etc, etc, etc…

    So because you choose to burn me as you do, I will set her on fire when I’m ready. It’s bound to happen. You don’t control all, after all. I am far more successful and powerful than she will ever be. I will wait. The time will come, believe me. I am moving up so much quicker than I ever let on. I’m in. Believe it. I’m just being patient. Not surprising, I mean, I’m way more brilliant and hardworking than most, particularly her. No surprise there. You really should be embarrassed. Ashamed. It would be sad if you weren’t so.. You.

    Don’t ever try to use me again. I helped her in good conscience. You, on the other hand, used me. For that she shall pay. It’s a promise. I will take pleasure, for all the times you took pleasure, in my pain. She is possibly worse than you, in all reality. Sad. Almost pathetic. Delusions are your protection and her protection, stupidity, maybe, but they are lying to you both. I’m truthful. Too bad you didn’t realize that with my good side. And believe me it was so damn good.

    I don’t like this, but I’ll be damned if I will let you fuck me over. You’ll never win with me. I will make it clear.. You have finally met your match, L.H. I don’t take kindly to that kind of bullshit.

    The funny thing is that I will always love and adore who I thought you were, but you make it painfully obvious that I have no choice but to abhor who you really are. No apology.. No mercy. All is fair in love and war, after all. This is going to get good. Real good.

    When I love. I. Fucking. LOVE. (And when I hate, Likewise).

    Game. Fucking. On!

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