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    Dear Greg,
    I see your photos on facebook all the time, your status updates, whatever. And I’ve never really been phased by them til today. I saw a picture of you with your dad, and you were smiling~ but your smile had teeth. You never show teeth in your pictures. And that made me think of how things used to be… I miss sitting next to you every day, and goofing around. I miss hugging you, I miss being able to cry on your shoulder. Hell, I even miss fighting with you. I haven’t felt so much towards you in over a year, and it kind of sucks being flooded with all of this emotion. I really miss you. I tell my friends that I hate you, because I know that’s what they want to hear. They know how badly you hurt me in the way that you ended our friendship- the two or three times that you did. They want me to hate you, because I probably should. But I really don’t, because I can’t help but hold onto the good times… and I really miss your smile. I hope that whatever your doing, whoever you’re spending time with these days is making you happy. I just wish that I could be a part of it again.

    Wishing you the best,
    Your ex best friend.

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