• Stepping stone, that’s what you were.

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    Looking back at our whole time spent together things became more clearer. Don’t get me wrong, falling in love with you was an amazing part of my life. But from where I stand now and looking at that one month before I left; Im not sure who I was. It makes me sick to my stomac that I actually put all of that into mostly you and for you. It makes me sick that I constantly wanted to fix fix fix. When the truth is I should have kept going on for a reason. From what you did and you things ended. For you constantly in the past saying I didnt treat you good enough or resiprocate what you did. Im glad I didn’t, because when all was said and done you stepped on me tore me, and threw me to the side. Especially when I was gone for good. So if you ever want to know how im doing or how im living, if you care. Im actually doing pretty good for myself. But like I said in the past but ill give to you in a new format. Thank you for being a stepping stone in my life. Although what I felt was strong, I let that go. You taught me so much about becoming a man and preparing for the future. But most of all, you taught me not all beautiful smart girls can be strong enough to stand through a thunderstorm. I honestly.. hope you have good health, Ill never wish death on anyone, but I truly wish you learn someday how I felt and what you put me through. I hope you find your own stepping stone. Because honestly, you clearly had other things to learn than myself. So when you’re out there living your life and walking home from work or taking a train and it hits you like a ton of bricks, you’re welcome. You’re welcome, because although you may have thought I didnt do enough for you, youll realize I really did. When you realize the man I was for you isnt like most of the guys you meet and you so wishfully regret treating me the way you did in the end. You’re welcome. Thank you for helping me grow and take 10 steps back before dating anyone else.

    – XXX

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    1. ANEWDAY
      May 15, 2014 at 7:34 am

      Isn’t it amazing how much we can learn from a relationship and breaking up with someone too. It hurts in the beginning, but after some time and thoughts it gets better and lessons are learned. I sincerely hope that this will be not the end but the beginning of a new life and many adventures. Sometimes letting go of those we have loved most but aren’t good for us makes us stronger. I’m so glad that I let go and moved on. It’s the best choice I could have ever made. Best of luck to you.

    2. Hey ANEWDAY
      May 15, 2014 at 11:27 am

      “It hurts in the beginning, but after some time and thoughts it gets better and lessons are learned.”

      You’re lucky!

    3. Author
      May 15, 2014 at 3:46 pm

      Thank you both! Honestly, I’ve posted here maybe twice before. It is great to see comments from the both of you. I do hope through each of your trials and tribulations that you do find peace in what you seek.


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