• Not really over you

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    There is one image of you I’ll never forget. That day you had on a white shirt and a tie, dark pants. You looked like you were in need of a shave. Something like a caveman. Someone joked that you needed a cut like your co-worker/employee who had freshly shaved for the first time. But I thought wow… that is the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. He is so fucking perfect. I love his bush beard. I love his greying hair. I love his thin lips. I love his dark eyes. I love his plain white button down shirt. I love his socks. I love his scruffy hair. You stood side by side with him and I compared you in my mind. He made you look like a giant. His clean shaved 23 year old face could not compare to yours. You were amazing! I flirted with him to make you jealous too. I miss the way we stared at each other for too long. How you followed me down the corridor sometimes. How you got jealous when I spoke to that same coworker of yours. How I wanted to knock out any girl who dared speak of you with affection. I could not shut up about you. I wasn’t afraid to say “I love him”, even though I might had not really. My day would be incomplete without seeing you for a minute. I cried so much when I left. Only God could explain how terrible I felt. Alligator tears. It was all because I would not see your face again.

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    1. c
      May 14, 2014 at 10:27 am

      Jealousy is not love. Its not even effection. It is simply insecurity with ourselves and if you cant see that love is not possible with insecureties of our own… well, you will never find love.

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