• My Son

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    My son Dan
    He is not named after you. I gave him that name before I knew you. So were all those letters I took time writing. They were really meant for him. Not you. So don’t you dare look at my son and think for one minute I loved you as I love him. You are nothing like my sweet, kind, little buddy. I never loved you. When I look at him I only see my father, and a truly unique guy.:-) But I will never see you. I will never want you. I will never chase after you or beg for your attention. And I will sure as h. never “need” you. So keeping convincing yourself young girls are throwing themselves at you. It’s OK as long as it makes you feel better. But don’t think I’ll be changing your diaper ten years from now. You missed your chance. And when that day comes and you realize it, I’ll be the one laughing.

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