• My Sally

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    To an M.S.
    My Sally. She is just like Sally from “The Nightmare before Christmas.” A very pretty, loving, caring, and shy rag doll. She has bought numerous sewing kits, because she often falls apart and must sew herself back together. I love her, and one day maybe she will see, I want her to be happy. We both desire something better in life. And having her in my life would be better than any dreams I’ve had before. But “he” hurts her. And He is just like Doctor Finklestein, the mad scientist. According to him, “he” is making her into the adorable person she is. “He” is responsible for her success. Without him, she would be nonexistent. He treats her like both an overprotective father and an overbearing husband, keeping her under surveillance. He always has to know what she is doing, and keeps her sheltered from the excitement of the world. He insists on keeping her imprisoned forever. He is her “antagonist father figure” who is determined to keep her locked up in his large observatory because “she needs him.” The other man she has had to put up with, well he…is a living replica of Oogie Boogie. A burlap sack containing the most horrifying things: bugs worms and skeletons of his previous victims. Inside of him are the deadliest of snakes. People have hurt and scared her in her life. Sometimes without meaning to frighten her. But unlike these people, Oogie Boogie is just plain evil, containing nothing but sinister motives to destroy her. It appears he is this way because he was exiled from his previous home. He never seems to die, his hatefulness is always lurking, waiting to launch an attack on My Sally. I love her. I realize that she loves me too. She just hasn’t been able to tell me yet and I now understand why. I can’t wait for the day when we can finally be together. She’s My Sally and I am her Jack.:-)
    Jack skeleton

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