• Forever a Mystery

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    is all this will ever be. I’ve asked God for direction, to help me find the meaning of what’s going on. I’ve gotten signs, pointing to you. I just don’t know what the signs are trying to convey. Are you guilt or are you innocent? Can’t seem to find a clear answer still, even though it’s been quite some time now. Maybe there’s a reason I was never meant to find the answer. Maybe this is supposed to be forever a mystery. But please try to understand. All the things that make me question both your innocence and guilt. I can’t thank you for helping if you haven’t proved it. I can’t blame you for hurting without the proper evidence to support it. I’m sorry but the severity of the situation is extreme enough to require proof. Thanking you could be the same as justifying my abusers actions and reliving allowing him to hurt me and being OK with it. Please try to understand. I can only go with what “I” know and have witnessed. You treat me no differently than any friendly acquaintance, nothing less, nothing more. I’ll never understand the signs pointing to your name. I guess that’ll always be something put to sleep invthe unknown waters of the ocean. Left to be untouched, maybe because it was between the wrong two people. Forever a mystery it will remain, unexplained and undiscovered.

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    1. Magic
      May 15, 2014 at 10:53 am

      Beautiful letter.I hope your person gets to read it. In time, you’d see why your special friend seems to be around. Life is indeed full of surprises x

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