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    People always say long distance relationships are the worst. And they’re right.

    You’re driving me insane. Yes you. I know we said we’d make it work. But this isn’t high school anymore. We’re in college. There’s supposed to be a end goal insight for long distance to work, but we don’t have one.

    You can’t just think I can drop everything for you when you call. I have things to do. I have homework. Literally all the time. If I’m not doing homework, I’m sleeping. I don’t have time to be on the phone and play “what are you thinking about” games.

    And how dare you. HOW DARE YOU make me feel bad for it. I’m not allowed to be upset when you were busy with school or out with friends. Not allowed to be mad when you failed out of a class because you put being social over being a good student. AND you have the audacity to make me feel bad? I have a 4.0 gpa and work my butt off to keep it. Sorry I don’t have time to play these stupid games with you or be on Skype with you for hours. I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME.

    It’s sad really. You used to be my everything. Now I feel like groaning everytime I see your name on caller ID.
    We’ve become different people than we were in high school. It’s a shake that as we’ve grown up, we’ve grown apart.

    But I’m done.

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