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    when we began talking i always knew this would be the outcome. i knew somewhere down the line you would disappear and leave me questioning what i did wrong. i still wonder if it was my fault. did i speak too much? was i too intense? did my emotions get the best of me? i still wonder if i ever meant anything to you in the first place, i’m sure i didn’t. i’m sure you enjoyed the thought of me being there for you, and basked in the thought of being wanted, craved the attention. i don’t blame you for that. i’m realizing i did truly care for you, even if it wasn’t mutual in the end. i didn’t realize how attached i had become in the past few months until you began pulling away. i feel so stupid typing this. maybe i didn’t really know you after all. i like to think i did. i guess all that seems nice becomes what we resent. i wish you acknowledged that you left me hanging and left me wondering what i did wrong. i would have appreciated something, anything. i think you’re a coward, even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal to you. i was looking for closure and i found it when i realized you’re not deserving. i’m moving on and taking my promises with me.

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