• Am I crazy

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    Am I crazy for still loving you? I have lied about so much to my new boyfriend about you. I said you still talk to me and still want to be part of my life. But you hate me. This time of year or whenever I drive past your house I feel the ache of the missing part of myself. I never got closure and you got everything. My sanity my dignity. Why do I still miss you. It’s been four years. You were my best friend. All I wanted was for you to say you were sorry or maintain some sort of friendship with me. I lied because I was angry at you. I’m the one that Cried. I’m the one that’s heart still drops when I see you. You don’t even look at me. I was your first real love and you were mine it’s stupid but it hurts. I love him in case you ever wondered. I love him more as we grow together. He is my best friend and with him my heart is always full. I guess sometimes I just miss us. I miss you. And I shouldn’t.

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    1. what it comes down to
      May 13, 2014 at 11:44 pm

      You’re lying to your boyfriend.

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