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    hey best friend. there are a million things i wish i could say to you… but what it comes down to is i’ve been in love with you since i met you, which is why i’m done with all of this… i don’t think i can take any more days weeks or months or whatever of wishing for you while you hook up with girls who are prettier and smarter than i’ll ever be. i’m taking the cowards way out and i’ll add it to the list of things i hate myself for.

    the worst part is i know you care about me in whatever strange way that you do, but i also know it isn’t enough and it won’t ever be enough. i’m sorry, i know we made all these plans together but at the same time i know there are other girls you’d much rather be doing all that shit with. so i’ll spare you the trouble.

    it sucks because deep down, i think if we had met in different circumstances, we could have been something amazing. or maybe not, maybe you’d just break my heart in different ways. who knows, i don’t want to know. same reason why i’ll never tell you how i feel, because you can’t reject me if i don’t give you the chance to.

    just know you’re the best thing that ever happened to me, and i wish i could tell you that. believe me, you’ll find a girl who tells you all the time. and hey one day maybe i’ll be in your wedding and i’ll get shitfaced drunk and cry about you in the bathroom, for old times sake. just like i’m doing tonight.

    i love you not “like a brother” or any of that stupid bullshit that i say when people ask me.

    i love you and it’s both my greatest hope and my worst fear that you find out.

    i love you but i doubt you’ll ever feel the same way so i’m not signing my name on this.

    I LOVE YOU so goodbye


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