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    The night I stayed over when gun shots were sounding and I held you before we made love for the forth time. That time! I remember that time, the memories stay but it’s time to let go. Each day is a blessing I hope you are well and your beautiful smile is still lighting the

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    Am I crazy

    by  • May 13, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Closure • 1 Comment

    Am I crazy for still loving you? I have lied about so much to my new boyfriend about you. I said you still talk to me and still want to be part of my life. But you hate me. This time of year or whenever I drive past your house I feel the ache of

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    P- hey best friend. there are a million things i wish i could say to you… but what it comes down to is i’ve been in love with you since i met you, which is why i’m done with all of this… i don’t think i can take any more days weeks or months or

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    doesn’t matter

    by  • May 13, 2014 • Confession • 1 Comment

    fuck you, you aren’t my best friend, you aren’t anything and i’m not moving in with you. nice fucking try. go live your fucking life and i’m gonna go try to forget about you. it was a good couple of months though, so thanks for that. i hope you remember me as the person i

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    Time is the Great Destroyer

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    Hi there. I’m reasonably sure that this is a terrible idea. And yet I saw something recently that reminded me of you. The thought made me smile and frown at the same time. It’s an accomplishment I think even you would have trouble pulling off. Blargle. It’s been quite a while, though I’m not really

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