• The more I learn the angrier I get

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    Be thankful I have a strong moral code. If I were like some of your sleazebag friends, I would likely do you in; expose your secrets.
    No mercy.

    In a normal healthy relationship, you talk together about your future plans and dreams. In the beginning everybody is on their best behaviour. Between 6 and 12 weeks, your true self starts to be shown. The average relationship lasts between 6 to 12 weeks. Usually by 12 weeks, you discover whether you are compatible, in your needs, your wants and plans for the future. Also how fast you want these things to happen.

    Sometimes you discover that actually you didn’t have as much in common as you previously thought. Maybe there are something’s which you cannot compromise. If things are compatible, then the relationship continues to a long term relationship. If you decide that you are too different, or want different things, or maybe even at different times, then you decide to split and go your separate ways.

    In the relationship with the Sociopath, things are not like this. From the very beginning you are being manipulated, and conned.
    In a Sociopath relationship, something very different is happening. You are being open and honest, and talking about things that you want. You discuss what is happening currently in your life, what happened in the past, what you don’t want again, and what your hopes and dreams for the future are. The Sociopath however, is listening earnestly to what you say, assessing, deciding whether (if you tell them that you have the source of supply that they are looking for) they plan to move the relationship further, and to seduce you.

    When the Sociopath is in seducing mode, they come on very strong….


    4 Responses to The more I learn the angrier I get

    1. I can relate.
      May 12, 2014 at 12:51 pm

      I think I was surrounded by Sociopaths in my youth. It made me suspicious and destroyed a lot of my self esteem. Don’t let this experience define you. Don’t get bitter and try to give new people a real chance. Good luck to you!

    2. Seductress
      May 12, 2014 at 7:33 pm

      You wouldn’t know the first thing about it. Even it was a real thing.

    3. Anon
      May 13, 2014 at 8:28 am

      Maybe you should quit using some thing you read out of a book, think for yourself.

      Maybe think that just maybe you were the controlling one that wanted everything, but refused to give any thing in return. You wanted him to get rid of everything to suit you. His car, his friends, him self… all for you.

      You wanted a partner that was 100% commited to you, but you couldnt stop setting yourself up on dates, or talking to your ex bf, or flirting with other guys in front of the guy you supposedly loved.

      And he is the “sociopath”… lol

    4. Sedativeness & Anon
      May 14, 2014 at 5:46 am


      Rolling on floor, etc ,etcetera..at the Jackwagon, who self aggrandizes (fancies herself) as Seductress

      Thank you for that chuckle, you sexy thing!! I will say it is highly unfortunate that one has to become a near expert in such matters to navigate the world as we know it.

      You see Saidductress, “I’ve been around, you know. I’d take a flamethrower….” Hooo Ahh !!
      You’re obviously the one who used that nice guy so you could get your jollies. You enjoy the masochism
      I eat your type for breakfast.

      That is, if they are hot enough. How I love the morning dew, dripping from the moist petals of an opening flower. The early wake up and like some go straight for coffee, I go right to the luscious, then mouthwatering brook of everlasting life. I’m extremely spoiled.

      Meanwhile, you gather some seed and are sent back to the other side of the track, Jezebel.. I can tell exactly who you are over the worldwideinterweb/whorefax.edu

      To the hurting Anon: Sorry you had to go through that. I believe the author has a…well, they are male.
      But you may have been sending a message using the Whorefax machine

      Relate: Thank you for the empathy. But I’m afraid ‘They made who I am today.’ I’d add the customary lol, but it’s not funny. I believe I am only able to relate to an angel at this junction, which oddly, may be the true lesson gained by this entire debacle.

      It’s nothing less than a human tragedy, if any of the Love/Rocket scientists are in the house.
      It’s also at epidemic levels, confirmed by the top people in the world in this field.

      Be careful folks. The sociopath or narcissist can truly execute your soul. You can’t get out too soon.
      But they must not take away your integrity. That’s why I had to leave the love of my life. It was heartbreaking, as she had so much going for her and deep down inside, I believe she was ‘basically good.’

      As Col. Slade points out, it’s all about maintaining your personal codes, i.e. Self Honor…which is about the only thing anyone has left in the new uncharted territory of modern human interaction.

      The rules have changed drastically and we must adapt to survive.

      “Scent of a Woman – I call them principles” is the title of this piece; one of the greatest performances in history.
      How perfectly appropriate for an epilogue.


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