• real insult

    by  • May 12, 2014 • Breaking Up • 1 Comment

    we were together for 16 months
    i thought that you were the one
    the one that i was going to marry
    the one that i was going to grow old with
    i knew that you were on state aid
    but it didn’t matter
    i wanted you and not your money
    i made my money-my way
    who paid a majority of the bills?-i did
    because i thought that we were a team
    then came the day when you broke my heart
    two days later,you had me put on the street like i was a bag of trash
    i hate you!
    i will never forgive you!
    remember this
    what goes around, comes around
    one day you’ll meet a guy who you think is the one for you
    but he won’t give a dam about you
    then maybe you will wake up
    and realize that you threw away the best guy that you ever had
    too fucking late
    you will never be with me again
    in closing-burn in hell
    you fucking traitor

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    1. Bob Saget
      May 13, 2014 at 8:39 pm

      My ex kicked me out when I was paying the bills and straining to keep everything together. Now I’m gone and free and he wants me back.
      Two words: hell no.

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