• Fear

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    Before I came to secondary school I was scared I might be bullied laughed pushed aside and be known as the weird loud unpopular girl I had nightmares, but I had someone to tell. I was told secondary will be fine but I never believed them. It eventually came and for the first few months it was great, those nightmares went and the feeling of fear at the bottom of my stomach went too and I was classified as one of the popular kids. But I never was happy with who I was I either was mean to somebody and made them feel fear just like I had felt, but that’s not the only thing I hated myself I always faked laughed when really I felt like crying and I pretend not to take things seriously but inside I always did. It went like this for a few months, those night mares came back and those ‘friends’ left me I was pushed aside I was bullied and felt that fear again… I was known as a sad loner with no friends and no life it would be easier if I could tell somebody but when you have no friends it’s kind of hard, knowing that no one will have your back and no one to protect you. And it’s scary to have that feeling at the bottom of your stomach growing and growing to be scared to walk home to feel fear when you’re walking down the hallway or when you’re at your locker. To this day I feel that fear wait no to this minute I feel that fear growing and growing.

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