• A Little Bit Of Inspiration

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    You were bullied called names for what looked like, made fun of what you wore, This could have happened every day you trying to run but you had nowhere to run, Cornered by children calling you names, your maybe coming home crying telling you parents and they said nothing, or maybe they did something… but nothing ever changed.

    You grew older scars still left.. but you thought it was over… but they hadn’t finished yet…those kids called you more name’s… worse names, maybe pushed you in the school hall, made fun of you a little more. Everyone knew you were coming down the hall because they would scream your “nickname”.
    But one day it got you much, you take that razor and well you know what happens next, if you didn’t do this you maybe cried every night, trying not to make a sound your tears pouring out. But you were hurt either way.
    Imagine that the only way out was that you had to hurt yourself to start believing what they said but somewhere somehow you didn’t believe them, you over took them, you stopped.
    YOU stopped believing and that to me is the strongest thing a human being could ever do. So if it doesn’t matter to you but it does matter to me.
    Well Done I Believe In You

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