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    A Little Bit Of Inspiration

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    You were bullied called names for what looked like, made fun of what you wore, This could have happened every day you trying to run but you had nowhere to run, Cornered by children calling you names, your maybe coming home crying telling you parents and they said nothing, or maybe they did something… but

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    Before I came to secondary school I was scared I might be bullied laughed pushed aside and be known as the weird loud unpopular girl I had nightmares, but I had someone to tell. I was told secondary will be fine but I never believed them. It eventually came and for the first few months

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    real insult

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    we were together for 16 months i thought that you were the one the one that i was going to marry the one that i was going to grow old with i knew that you were on state aid but it didn’t matter i wanted you and not your money i made my money-my way

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    to Erin

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    Since getting re-acquainted a few years ago, you enter my mind every Spring. Can’t explain it. Maybe because it’s a time of growth and rebirth. By mid-summer, it will have faded. I sense that maybe things have been a bit rocky for you on different levels. Again, I don’t know why. Let me say this:

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    Why do I love you so much? It wouldn’t have to be this difficult. This love I have for you is so extraordinary and rare—especially at this age. I would do anything to be in your arms again. Just to run my fingers through your hair, brush my hand down your cheek, stare into those

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