• To the Person Who Made That Joke

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    “…and make yourself throw up; it’ll make you feel better. It’s what all the celebrities do.”

    To the person who made that bulimia joke today:
    When you said that, I said “That’s not funny.” This is what I would have said if I had not been so shocked.

    I don’t know about the other people here, but I literally respect you so much. And i look up to you. Do you really think that thats okay to say near people who you could possibly be setting an example for? Do you really think that’s okay to say near anyone? What if I myself was bulimic? Think of how offensive that would be to me, and how bad you would feel.

    This is exactly why all the 10 year olds are getting depressed and self-harming; because that is the kind of thing that they are constantly infiltrated with, and it’s what they’re told to do to solve their problems. It’s what “all the celebrities do,” right?

    The thing that sickens me the most, is that your comment was meant as a joke. When did self harm become something to joke about? When did it become even remotely funny? It became funny when someone decided to make a joke like that.

    This is exactly why the other day when I was reading to second graders, one of them said “I’m going to kill myself!” and they all laughed.

    Because do you know what one of the most common things little kids pick up on is? Whats funny, and when to laugh. Thank you for teaching the next generation that.

    Still funny?

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